Alex Lambert = American Hobo?

​​​This story is just weird. American Idol 2010 semifinalist Alex Lambert (the football-playing one, not the gay one) has told the world via Twitter he is "sleeping on the street and behind buildings." The 20-year-old Texas native went on to claim he is sending all of his earnings back to his mother and brothers, leaving himself to crash coffeehouses for wifi to reach his fans (fan?).

Naturally, the story is more complicated than that. Lambert's rep denies the tweet's veracity, adding the singer is still "on retainer [with] 19 Entertainment" and "they are working with him on new music." Lambert then repeated his claims, acknowledging the doubts many had. "I know a lot of people think I tweeted my living situation for publicity! But I don't give a damn about fame!" Someone isn't telling the truth, and that makes this particularly sad: Either Lambert is lying in order to drum up sympathy (and sales), or he's currently homeless just months after appearing on two TV shows. With luck, the situation will sort itself out, and he can get back to playing funny pianos and singing corny odes to believing himself as soon as possible.



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