Abstract Workshop, Detroit Bar, March 31, 2012

Abstract Workshop, Detroit Bar, March 31, 2012
Jackie Connor

Abstract Workshop
Detroit Bar
March 31, 2012

It didn't take long to gather a crowd of about 150 people at Detroit Bar Saturday night for headliners J Rocc and Peanut Butter Wolf. Abstract Workshop celebrated their 14 years of hip hop in Orange County with tunes ranging from classic old school hip hop to experimental sounds courtesy of featured DJs from the crew.

Abstract Workshop, Detroit Bar, March 31, 2012
Jackie Connor

"Being a D.J. has given me the gift to turn a few hours of selections into a lifetime of memories," said one of the original Abstract fab four's Kosta "Cocoe" Tsimahidis.

Artist Dumperfoo paints live alongside DJs.
Artist Dumperfoo paints live alongside DJs.
Jackie Connor

Energy was still high as people raised glasses, hands and pretty much Detroit's roof to Abstract's 14 years.

"This is Orange County's only legitimate hip hop night," said Abstract crew Koichi Sanchez. "Who else could get J Rocc and Peanut Butter Wolf to spin in Costa Mesa?"

Peanut Butter Wolf slowed down the evening and brought a more mellow vibe to the crowd to finish off the night.

Critic's Bias: I like to break dance.

The Crowd: After 14 years of throwing parties, you're bound to carve out a few faithful followers. The crowd was made up of those who Cocoe and the rest of Abstract consider family. Many family, friends and fans who've stuck it out for 14 years were in attendance with mellow dispositions until someone spun some J. Dilla.

Overheard in the Crowd:

"This shit is dope!"

"Remember that track, why doesn't he spin that track?"

"Everyone spins this one."

"OHHH shit!"

"This guy's insane!"

"They're playing all the same tracks they do at Memphis."

"Where's Cocoe?"

"How dope is this! Black people even show up to this party!"

"Where are my friends?"

"Did you call a cab?"

Random notebook dump: A drunk girl wandered up on the stage screaming to the audience about finding her friends while the headliners were spinning tracks. She mistook me for one of her friends and wanted me to help her find the rest of them.

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