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  • In 2012, Ziba Perez Zehdar rediscovered zines, those little anti-authoritarian pieces of self-published paper printed by everyone from science-fiction fans to early LGBT activists to punk rockers... More >>

  • Few OC-based musicians bleed the blues like Walter Trout. The soul, dexterity, heartbreak and elation in his voice and in his guitar playing flow freely onstage. But lying in a hospital bed in... More >>

  • A rehearsal space adjacent to the Burbank airport is almost as far away as a band can get from the rigors of the road. It's also miles away from the last big SoCal date we saw them play,... More >>

  • The past few years have been kind to Lee Rickard and Sean Bohrman of Burger Records. Their Fullerton shop is a success, and Burger is becoming a sought-after label and brand. Just before the... More >>

  • At an early age, Chloe Chaidez knew she was different from other kids. While her friends were playing with toys and learning how to play the recorder, Chaidez was drawn to the raw power that... More >>

  • Don't call it a comeback; technically, Rx Bandits only broke up for a year. But about three years ago, it sounded as though the Long Beach ska/punk-turned-prog outfit were calling it quits for... More >>

  • The Aquabats are 20 this year. If that sounds crazy to you, imagine what that means to the band members: That's two decades of tights-wearing, gravity-defying, villain-fighting, ska-playing... More >>

  • A graffiti mural splashed with color and the words Santa Ana looms from the rooftop over the courtyard between Fourth and French streets. In the left-hand corner of the piece, the artist tagged... More >>

  • Suicide Silence had just about everything going for them by the end of 2012. Their fan base was growing larger and more rabid by the day with the release of their third album, The Black Crown,... More >>

  • The demon inside Rikk Agnew is the kind punks pay to see. Screeching feedback jolts through his body, provoking a maniacal grin. His black eyes bulge as he stabs at his guitar strings, his jaw... More >>