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  • School arts programs are always the first to get cut. It's a bit tragic the arts can be so dishonored that when a small battle is won to bring back what should already exist, the key players are... More >>

  • When Illmatic dropped on April 19, 1994, the debut album from Nas wasn't an immediate commercial success. Two decades later, though, it claims a staying power unrivaled by any other in hip-hop... More >>

  • Even hiding behind his icy silver aviators, it's apparent that Aloe Blacc's mind is somewhere else. Small talk ricochets off his lenses on a dark elevator ride up to the seventh floor of a... More >>

  • The day after headlining Webster Hall in New York, the Haim sisters hoist their equipment out of a black van and lug it across a sidewalk to the entrance of WNYC, which is kind of the Big Apple's... More >>

  • It sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, went sextuple platinum and is still considered the best-selling independent album of all time. When it was released on April 8, 1994, the same day... More >>

  • Before Trent Reznor wanted to fuck you like an animal, and way before Marilyn Manson simulated a bloody abortion onstage, there was Christian Death's Rozz Williams. The gender-bending,... More >>

  • Saturday afternoons at Burger Records can be hit or miss. On this particular one, it's bustling. Burger has lured record collectors to its location in a strip mall just off the 91 freeway in... More >>

  • Jordan Lovelis had no motives other than taking in the country and participating in skate demos when he first traveled to India in 2010. But the sponsored skateboarder stumbled into a situation... More >>

  • It wasn't until his heart started skipping beats and he could barely breathe that Todd Zalkins finally crawled into a drug-treatment facility in Laguna Beach. That was in February 2007, and... More >>

  • In December 2012, the Doll Hut's tiny roomful of locals were sobbing in their beers and shouting in the streets after the Yeastie Boys played the last scheduled gig at the iconic punk club. Music... More >>

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