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Local Bands Celebrate Bowie at The Wayfarer

The word “artist” gets thrown around recklessly in the music industry, but for David Bowie, it’s...

Locals Only

Top Orange County Music News

Reviving the History of Vietnamese New Wave in OC

While most American teenagers growing up in the 1980s idolized Madonna and saved up their weekly...

Know Your History, Yo

Top Orange County Music News

Jon Bunch of Sense Field Found Dead at 45 (Story…

The last 24 hours have been unimaginably heartbreaking for friends and fans of Jon Bunch, former...


Top Orange County Music News

These 20 OC Albums Are Turning 20 in 2016

The '90s were obviously an important time for OC music. It's typically the period that most...


Top Orange County Music News

Goodbye, Phil Anselmo: From a Black Former Fan

Metalheads find themselves in a very uncomfortable position right now thanks to Phil Anselmo....


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