Bad News With Al

This isn't exactly the kind of DVD you buy to watch again and again; the ending doesn't get happier, and there are no twists to decipher with repeated viewings. The producers hope instead that you buy it and share it; it's less movie, after all, than droning agitprop—effective, compelling, frightening agitprop, but droning nonetheless. Al Gore is as articulate and well-versed a spokesman as global-warming activists could hope for, but the man has the charisma of a pie chart. The disc—which comes, naturally, in a biodegradable paper sleeve inscribed with 10 ways to curb global warming—has only a few extras, including a short but interesting doc about the doc and Gore updating his stats a year later. Turns out global warming doesn't make more hurricanes after all, it just intensifies the ones we get. Is that a bonus?


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