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'Warriors, Tombs and Temples'

The newest exhibit at Bowers Museum goes deep into the underground empires of royal tombs from three of China's most influential dynasties: the Qin, the Han and the Tang. For this sequel to 2008's "Terra Cotta Warriors" exhibit, Bowers brings back a few of the life-size clay statues, protectors of China’s First Emperor Qin Shihuangdi, whose mausoleum complex is considered by some as the eighth wonder of the world. Also on display are smaller terra cotta warriors from the Han Dynasty (one third the size), originally clad in silk garments, and treasures from the Tang dynasty including gold dragons and a tomb guardian. Most intriguing, perhaps, is the sacred set of four precious-stone and metal reliquary boxes, the innermost of which held the finger bone relic of Buddha, now on display for the first time outside of China. Buddha's finger, however, is not part of the exhibit.
Tuesdays-Sundays. Starts: Oct. 1. Continues through March 4, 2011


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