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Liz Phair

First, Liz Phair was a ’90s indie-rock icon and the female personification of the 120 Minutes era, captivating listeners with her provocative lyrics and seemingly effortless appeal. Then something rather odd and fan-alienating happened circa 2003—her self-titled fourth album saw a befuddling career reinvention as essentially a middle-aged Avril Lavigne, with the transparently poppy yet undeniably catchy single “Why Can’t I?” showing up in every terrible romantic comedy of the time. So where does that leave her in 2011? Somewhere in between, judging by last year’s Funstyle. It’s more experimental than recent efforts and was originally self-released, but Dave Matthews makes a guest appearance. Also, she raps on a song (for realsies).
Sun., March 13, 7 p.m., 2011


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