Human Target

Working-class dogs who aren't yet too gray at the temples will descend on Cerritos this week for another blast from the past-yes, that smokin'-hot Aussie Richard Lewis Springthorpe, er, Rick Springfield is slashing up the stage with his yesteryear hits. Who can forget-if you were alive then-that lovelorn "Jessie's Girl," and how you were torn between wanting Rick to get his buddy's gal, and then feeling bad for the soon-to-be cuckolded dude? "Jessie" was the anthem for all the have-nots who lusted after the main squeezes of the haves-and that was, like, everyone. Springfield also hit pay dirt with "I've Done Everything for You," which we did, and "Don't Talk to Strangers," which we don't. So, act like an '80s teen-spritz Aqua Blue over your gray-and scream like a valley girl or boy while this hard-to-hold stud struts his stuff.
Wed., May 21, 8 p.m., 2008

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