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The battle between goofy- and regular footing has torn the world of professional skateboarding asunder. As insults and bullets are hurled back and forth, it seems there may be no peaceful resolution to the conflict . . . oh, wait, we’re thinking of East Coast vs. West Coast hip-hop. There’s really a footing rivalry in skateboarding? Okay, well, for some time now, Etnies has sponsored an annual Goofy vs. Regular skate contest in order to give proponents of each camp some actual stats and figures to point to when arguing their respective cases. This is the fifth-annual contest and, considering that goofy and regular have both won two previous contests, the tie breaker. While the actual number of regular skaters this year is larger than their goofy counterparts, there’s a good chance the inherent motivational rage at being constantly referred to as “goofy” might pull the outnumbered team ahead. Los Olvidados and Bad Religion will also be performing, as if you needed any other reason to attend. Wear your colors, but watch out for hooliganism—those skate fans can be rough.
Thu., Oct. 2, 2 p.m.; Oct. 3-5, 10 a.m., 2008

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