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Gale LaJoye: Snowflake

This reads like one of those tear-jerker films that sweep the Oscars—back in 1973, former law student Gale LaJoye ran off and did what some of us dream of after a long work week: he joined the circus. And after a few years of touring, he mastered his natural performance abilities and became the "Boss Clown," one of the most prestigious honors in circus life. But then in 1979, LaJoye suffered a terrible car accident which left him paralyzed—the doctors told him he would never walk again. He dedicated his life to regaining his balance—and after a miraculous recovery, jumped back into the spotlight. His beloved Snowflake character debuted in 1990 as a mute clown who, through a mix of physical comedy and performance art, "helps a child turn sorrow into joy." Now on an encore (and perhaps final) run, LaJoye brings his heartwarming Snowflake act to Orange County.
Sat., April 26, 1 p.m.; Sun., April 27, 1 p.m.; Sun., April 27, 3:30 p.m., 2014


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