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Oh, Deftones. Any track from Adrenaline or Around the Fur instantly takes us back to those teenage summers in the ’90s, riding in the back of a friend’s Nissan Pathfinder, trying to get the older kids to buy us cigarettes. When Deftones debuted their 1995 breakout album, Adrenaline, they brought with them the next evolution in the sound of metal. By the time the group released 1999’s White Pony, they were comfortably settled into metal royalty—and steady rotation in the multi-disc CD changer of every angsty kid in California. They’ve put out an album every few years since (unfortunately shelving Eros due to the tragic accident of bassist Chi Cheng), securing a solid fan base that has stuck with them unfailingly. Catch the band at the Fox this week and witness the fierce loyalty.
Wed., June 15, 8 p.m., 2011


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