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Damnit, Eugene!

By now you've probably heard of the Portland-based Pink Martini-one way to tell how many new fans the band acquire is by the amount of laughter during the lyrics of lead singer China Forbes' perennial favorite, "Hey, Eugene." That's the cute song about her making out with a guy in an elevator in New York City, a guy who told her she was the best salsa dancer he'd ever met . . . and then never called again. And it is funny-the first dozen times you hear it. Then you can move on to the plethora of other Pink Martini songs that are truly stupendous: French cabarets, Brazilian callings, Spanish sultry purrs and a rendition of "Bolero" that sends chills up your spine. Headed by maestro/pianist Thomas Lauderdale and rounded out by a dozen highly skilled musicians, Pink Martini have steadily turned their cult following into mainstream pandemonium, and Forbes, a throwback to full-figured, dark-eyed dames with powerhouse pipes, sets hearts a-racing every time-that idiot Eugene's gotta be kicking himself.
Tue., May 6, 8 p.m., 2008


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