Between Us Chickens

Between Us Chickens is part of South Coast Repertory’s “Studio Series,” but unlike the other performances—which are guest stints from outside groups presented by the company—it’s a production from SCR itself. Specifically, it’s a play that debuted last year with a reading at SCR’s Pacific Playwrights Festival. Though Brooklyn-based playwright Sofia Alvarez may live on the opposite coast, this play is definitely SoCal-focused, telling the story of two girls (one a homebody harboring a secret, the other a party girl) new to Los Angeles. That alone may be a transformative experience worthy of dramatization, but a mysterious, couch-surfing scoundrel (a breed familiar to Southern Californians) enters their lives and shakes things up even further, especially for that secretive homebody.
Fridays-Sundays, 8 p.m. Starts: March 25. Continues through April 3, 2011

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