True Spring Style Is Eternal

I'm the last person who'll tell you to follow Vogue. Just because a designer came up with a beautiful concept 40 years ago doesn't mean his or her every idea is gold. Most trends are just silly, and considering that our bodies and skin tones are all different, I think it's better to concentrate on wearing what makes you feel beautiful. Of course, the fashion industry would be wrecked if people stopped buying new clothes every season, but that's what makes 2014's spring fashion trends quite ironic: If you want to be hip this season, you don't need to spend any money.

The fashion overlords say you should wear cute socks with high heels, and the kind of high heels doesn't matter much. Just grab a pair of socks with an interesting pattern that go up to your ankle or below the knee. Pinterest has some adorable ideas that can steer you in the right direction. If you're not into high heels, such as me, consider pairing skate shoes with a short, flirty skirt. Yep, those Vans at the back of your closet—do it.

Last—and this is almost too perfect—Vogue says to keep warm in an ugly '90s sweater and match it with literally anything! (I'm paraphrasing here.) InStyle is calling these "luxe sweat shirts," but who are they kidding? There's no need to spend $435 on a hideous sweat shirt from Kenzo that you wouldn't have been caught dead in last year. If you don't already have one of these uglies, just take a trip to the Goodwill.

If you have to spend something, consider taking on an accessory that few others will have. Colleen Jordan of Wearable Planter ( makes itty-bitty planters that you can actually wear. She uses a 3-D printer to make geometric vases that will hold a prick of succulents. The necklaces can be a bit bulky, but her lapel pins are great, especially if you're taking your man to a garden party. Maybe it's time we start looking to little-known designers who might have a golden idea. . . .

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