They're Professionals

Verily I say unto thee that once was born an octopus in the form of a human child. His name was Coady and, with his ability to summon the power of eight arms, he knew his future lay in percussion. Coady the Octodrummerpus was unleashed upon the world and would go on to occasionally light his snare on fire while playing for the notorious Seattle band Murder City Devils. Meanwhile, from the essence of Odin sprang forth another boy who said “I shall rule this world through total rock & roll domination.” His name was Jared, and this son of gods grew up to form Karp (one of the heaviest bands ever) and Tight Bros From Way Back When. Coady met Jared, it was clear their destinies lay together, and thus Big Business was formed. Before them (before even Odin himself, perhaps), a band called the Melvins came down from the thunderous sky to destroy all music that was weak and staid. Now, these two daunting forces come together in Pomona to dominate and annihilate through complete and total understanding of all forces good and heavy. And Thor looked upon it, and he saw that it was good.
Tue., Nov. 25, 7 p.m., 2008


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