Sopping Wet

Now that music editor Dave Segal has returned to his beloved Seattle, we'll have no compunctions wearing our Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim jersey today as our team takes on those rain-soaked sluggers from the Pacific Northwest. Yes, it may be "beautiful" and "friendly" and "clean" up there, but here in Anaheim, our men have been hardened by training under unrelenting sun and smog. Yes, we wouldn't be surprised if Miguel Batista will need to pitch standing in a kiddie pool full of genuine Washington state precipitation just to stay hydrated (just a little harmless trash talk, Mr. Batista . . . please don't hurt us). And upon being informed of Dave Segal's homecoming, Mark Teixeira allegedly vowed to hit a home-run, just to show him (this may not actually be true).
Wed., Aug. 13, 7:05 p.m., 2008


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