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No "battle" like Astrakio's and Zoomzip's has ever been witnessed—or, at least, not in Orange County.

In this rare performance, two Orange Coast College grads, Aaron Gram (Astrakio) and John Brugmann (Zoomzip), will "battle" each other in order to "explore digital media as a method of nonlinear (unscripted) performance." In addition, the two aim to demonstrate through live music and video creations that art, in this case, is literally dynamic.

During their "live media battle," real-time video feeds will be used to create a "real-time visual collage" by Gram as he interprets the sampling of live FM radio produced by Brugmann. And with their innovative and thought-provoking method of exploring digital media, pop-culture art will be transformed into digital motion through the use of generation-defined video footage and audio. The battle is really Gram and Brugmann's "attempt to comment on culture," states Michael Ano, director of UCI's monthly art shows.

Sound too mind-bogglingly complicated or fartsy for you? Worry not, uncultured one—some curiosity and an open mind is all you need. According to Gram, "It's very MTV. No real attention is required."

Astrakio vs. Zoomzip Live Media Battle at the "OPEN" exhibition, located on the top floor of the Mesa Parking structure at UC Irvine, Mesa Rd. & W. Peltason Dr., Irvine, (310) 404-3722. Thurs., June 1, 7-10 p.m. Free.


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