Rairaod to Alaska

Justin Suitor, Vince Phung and Derek Eglit were all in an Orange County band called Honeypie—a cutesy, poppy female-fronted project that we’ve written about in these pages and, unfortunately, don’t exist anymore. Those three are now focused on a new band, Railroad to Alaska, pretty much Honeypie’s opposite in every way: intersecting grunge and hard rock in a genre-meld most thought died with Screaming Trees. Led by the wild-maned Suitor, it’s refreshing to hear lyrics such as “I will haunt you, I will cut you” on ”Lean to Share” in a local scene full of coffee shop-acoustic sensitive dudes. Probably explains how, after only a few months together as an official band, they’ve landed the always-coveted Monday monthly Detroit Bar residency. Rock on.
Mondays. Starts: Feb. 1. Continues through Feb. 28, 2010


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