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The day after its big "No Way Out" pay-per-view event from Las Vegas, World Wrestling Entertainment rolls into town to formally begin the feuds and storylines set to culminate at WrestleMania XXIV in Orlando. Will Randy Orton, the tribally tattooed son of former Roddy Piper sidekick "Cowboy" Bob, have managed to successfully defend his title against the simultaneously loved and loathed white-rapper-turned-pseudo-Marine John Cena? Will Triple H or Jeff Hardy emerge unscathed from the Elimination Chamber? Will we see the debuts of recent TNA defectors Ron "The Truth" Killings and "Wildcat" Chris Harris, or the returning giant Big Show? Does any of this make any sense to you at all? If so, get your ass down to Honda Center Monday night, bust out your Degeneration X glow sticks, and get ready to be blinded and deafened by indoor firework displays-it's time to get Raw.
Mon., Feb. 18, 5 p.m., 2008


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