Mrs. Smart’s Spectacular Circus

Those gang of nuts at the Found Theatre—infamous for their productions of Donner Party: The Musical and Dysfunctional Family Trailer Park—are at it again, this time beefing up their skewers with the already freakishly disturbing world of the big top. Take a wacky ride with little Priscilla, who is so utterly bored with her 2,472 friends on FacePlace that she embarks on the time-honored, coming-of-age adventure of running away to join the circus. Surrounded by freaks and geeks, she learns lessons of love, friendship, and no doubt, fire juggling—all incredibly useful real-world insights. So, grab your tweens and don’t miss this crazy caper rated “F” for fun!
Fri., May 11, 8 p.m., 2012


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