Da, Da, Da

In The Seven Year Itch, Tom Ewell, in his ongoing fantasies about his upstairs neighbor played by the incomparable Marilyn Monroe, imagines that this sexy woman comes down the stairs to seduce him by playing Rachmaninoff on his piano. Instead, Monroe actually comes down and hilariously plonks out chopsticks. There is something undeniably passionate about the music of Rachmaninoff-a passion that Russians are often mistakenly accused of not having. The Orange County Performing Arts Center is hosting two powerhouse virtuosos, George Vatchnadze and Boris Slutsky (settle down, class, that's his real last name), performing the works of Rachmaninoff with tandem keyboards. It's sure to ignite your passion, even if it's only in your fantasies.
Mon., June 2, 8 p.m., 2008


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