A Play About Micky Dolenz

Stacy: Hey, Matt . . . you don't still want me to interview Micky Dolenz, do you?


Stacy: I can tell from your enthusiasm that's a big "yes."

Matt: I was drinking water. What's your angle?

Stacy: I don't know. I'm not really that into it, so if you don't want it, that's okay.

Matt: What's he doing?

Stacy: He's the bad guy in the new Aida or something. You know, Elton John at OCPAC.

Matt: Oh.

Receptionist page: Matt Coker, line 50.

Matt: [on phone to wife] Honey, what's a good angle for an article on Micky Dolenz?

Matt: [to office] She says, "Why would you write about Micky Dolenz?"

Ellen: I once wet his daughter.

Anthony & Stacy: What?

Ellen: I once met his daughter.

Anthony & Stacy: Oh.

Anthony: Is he related to Amy Dolenz?

Gustavo: Nativo Lopez is a pig.

Matt: No, Amy Dolenz.

Gustavo: Who's that?

Anthony: I don't know.

Ellen: Is Amy Dolenz his daughter?

Matt: Yes.

Ellen: Then I wet his other daughter.

Anthony & Stacy: WHAT?


Anthony & Stacy: Oh.

[An intern requesting anonymity begins giggling. Loudly.]

Anthony: Do we have any other interns? What was the name of that one here today?

Ellen: Is this really going into print?

Anthony: Yes, it's going on the cover.

Matt: Why don't you just turn on a tape recorder?

Ellen: Hey, the other night, [hee hee] I asked if Mike Ness was one of the Monkees!

Matt: "Pergola." Is that a type of floor?

Anthony: Yeah.

Stacy: So should I really interview Micky Dolenz or not?

Matt: Am I answering, or am I going into the story?

Anthony: It depends on how witty you are.

Matt: Get me Peter Tork, and you've got a story.

Monkee Micky Dolenz and other people star in Aida at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, 600 Towne Center Dr., Costa Mesa, (714) 556-2787. Opens Wed.-Fri., 8 p.m.; Sat., 2 & 8 p.m.; Sun., 2 & 7:30 p.m. Through July 13. $27.50-$64.50.


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