Why Doesn't In-n-Out Have Any Locations Inside Airports?

At Dulles International Airport, just before the deluge...
At Dulles International Airport, just before the deluge...

Just came back from the East Coast, just before Hurricane Irene shut down airports across the East Coast. I ended up getting stranded at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C., long enough so that the massive bistec empanizado and maduros I ate at a Cuban deli in Chelsea no longer had me bloated, which meant...Five Guys Burgers!

It was a good burger, as Five Guys does make a good burger (though not as good as In-n-Out, and In-n-Out doesn't match up to TK Burger, but I digress). But as I was munching at Dulles, noticing how other refugees also flocked to the location and left the rest of the restaurants empty, I wondered: why doesn't In-n-Out have a airport location?

Let's face it, folks: the In-n-Out of our teenage years, the chain that opened locations slowly and carefully, are gone. Earlier this year, of course, the Irvine-based company did the unthinkable and went into Texas, opening a distribution plant with the intent of dominating the lower Midwest. They now want a national profile, instead of cult regionalism--and having a location at an airport would bring them even more customers.

I know they're not going into John Wayne Airport, and probably never into the byzantine politics of LAX...but maybe Ontario? Burbank? San Diego? For sure Long Beach? There's a market for you, In-n-Out--but not like you have to pay attention to me to sell steamed hams...

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