At Dulles International Airport, just before the deluge...
At Dulles International Airport, just before the deluge...

Why Doesn't In-n-Out Have Any Locations Inside Airports?

Just came back from the East Coast, just before Hurricane Irene shut down airports across the East Coast. I ended up getting stranded at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C., long enough so that the massive bistec empanizado and maduros I ate at a Cuban deli in Chelsea no longer had me bloated, which meant...Five Guys Burgers!

It was a good burger, as Five Guys does make a good burger (though not as good as In-n-Out, and In-n-Out doesn't match up to TK Burger, but I digress). But as I was munching at Dulles, noticing how other refugees also flocked to the location and left the rest of the restaurants empty, I wondered: why doesn't In-n-Out have a airport location?

Let's face it, folks: the In-n-Out of our teenage years, the chain that opened locations slowly and carefully, are gone. Earlier this year, of course, the Irvine-based company did the unthinkable and went into Texas, opening a distribution plant with the intent of dominating the lower Midwest. They now want a national profile, instead of cult regionalism--and having a location at an airport would bring them even more customers.

I know they're not going into John Wayne Airport, and probably never into the byzantine politics of LAX...but maybe Ontario? Burbank? San Diego? For sure Long Beach? There's a market for you, In-n-Out--but not like you have to pay attention to me to sell steamed hams...

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