When Normal Cupcakes Aren't Manly Enough...
Carolyn Dobbe / Butch Bakery

When Normal Cupcakes Aren't Manly Enough...

Seriously, we get it. Back when home-baked goods were still allowed, our moms brought cupcakes to school (except me, because my birthday's in summer, and I'm still scarred from that).

Now we can stop in pretty much any bakery and enjoy a taste of childhood for merely $3.50 a pop. Can we please be done with the cupcake fad now?

Apparently not. New Yorkers can now order manly cupcakes, cupcakes made for the kind of man who comes home from his rugged construction job, takes off his size 13 work boots, cracks open a domestic mass-produced beer and tucks into a huge grilled steak with no visible vegetables.

Right. That kind of man is not going to order anything from a place called Butch Bakery and is certainly not going to be home to accept the delivery, not when there are buildings to be constructed, big macho pickup trucks to be driven, and enormous sewer rats to be offed with a .30-06.

Butch Bakery has this going for it: their cupcakes appear, from pictures, to actually be more cake than frosting, a rarity these days as the confections become obscene priapi of artery-clogging buttercream. The chocolate dome toppers need help, though. While the camo topper is very manly, houndstooth is pretty prissy, guys. The Burberry-like check will be very popular with the tens of thousands of British chavs racing their Hondas along the Bowery, except for the niggling little detail that the entire product is called "fairy cake" by Britons.

Nevertheless, if you were living under a rock and didn't actually overdose on cupcakes two years ago, Butch Bakery's website says they're planning to ship nationwide sometime this year.

When Normal Cupcakes Aren't Manly Enough...


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