A pie from Wheat + Sons--YUM...
A pie from Wheat + Sons--YUM...

Wheat and Sons, New Organic Butcher Shop, Planning to Open in Downtown Santa Ana!

Did I talk about this already on SaFII, about how I know of at least eight new restaurant concepts that are expected to open in downtown SanTana this year? That conversation didn't include the about-to-open Crave by Judy Fleenor of Cafe Chiarini fame, and it also didn't include Ashly Amador and Nate Overstreet. I got an email from Ashly this weekend about how she and Nate are planning to open a neighborhood butcher shop via their Wheat + Sons name (which currently makes yummy pies) that would work only with organic meat, sell made-in-house, pickles, AND slap together sandwiches from their yummy wares.

WHOA...that would be another deli/sandwich shop in the area besides the Chapter One boyos' deli project (slated for opening, if all goes well, in late spring). It's gonna be a meat market in the area--wait, that joke doesn't work at all...

"This idea came to us not only from having past experience but because living in Orange, we have to drive all the way to Irvine to get a decent cut of meat," the two wrote on their Kickstarter page. "When we do, it's from a major supermarket and the meat is from Canada half the time.  We feel that every town should have a local Butcher shop where you know and trust the people working there. That way, everyone gets the best product possible but also a sense of community. Where you look forward to going to your Butcher, like our Grandparents did."

True words, all of them. Amador says if everything goes according to plan, they should open up in June. In the meanwhile, if you want to try their pies, go to Haven's Provisions store in Old Towne Orange and salivate at the idea of what Amador and Overstreet may bring...in the meanwhile, what other food concepts are hitting SanTana that we don't know about that don't involve the pizzeria, the high-end Mexican restaurant, the high-end ice-cream store, and the Crosby's super-secret spot?

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