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Unlock me!

Look out check-in addicts and chronic over-sharers, there's a new badge in town. This infernal rag and Foursquare have partnered together to help you get more out of life in Orange County. This bad boy to the right'll be all yours if you check in at certain spots in Orange County that we've named as one of our Best Of winners. 

You'll also be able to see a ton of our tips for cool places around the county. Looking for something to do nearby? Now you'll be able to access our event listings from the Foursquare app so you can find out about concerts, movies, sports events and way more. 


You'll be able to do this in our sister papers' cities too so once you've conquered Orange County, why not take on Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Phoenix, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Broward Palm Beach?

Go ahead and like OC Weekly on Foursquare to get the fun started!

Follow Stick a Fork In It on Twitter @ocweeklyfood or on Facebook! And don't forget to download our free Best Of App here!

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