Not Tolstoy-esque at all, but still damn great
Not Tolstoy-esque at all, but still damn great
Photo by The Mexican

War and Peace at Chapter One: The Modern Bistro, Our Drink of the Week!

Chapter One: The Modern Bistro in downtown SanTana just did a literary cocktail revamp, of all things. Find some of mankind's best books distilled into a tumbler glass in the Grapes of Wrath (Malbec gives it heft), the Slaughterhouse-Five (no bombing of Dresden, alas, but there is cola) and others. But my favorite is a book I never cared for, and a name that has nothing to do with what you'll actually imbibe: The War and Peace.

Here is a drink that calls to my liver: Ilegal Reposado mezcal, Angostura bitters, and Punt e Mes, an Italian digestif that makes Fernet Branc taste like rosewater. "Every sip tastes like a shot!" Clockwork Coker exclaimed upon drinking it recently, and that's the point. I would ask Chapter One's bartenders to play up the mezcal just a bit (the tag-team of Angostura and Punt e Mes drown out Ilegal's wondrous smokiness), but it's a near-perfect drink in the meanwhile. All that's left to tweak is the title: War and Peace? I'd personally call it Love in the Time of Cholera--but that's why I'm a drinker, not a novelist.


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