VIDEO: Watch Gustavo Eat a 2.8-Pound Tomahawk Steak in Half an Hour!

Good eatin'!
Good eatin'!
Viideo by Jazley Faith

I'm too busy to personally bother with this newfangled fad of newspapers getting into videos...unless they involve food. Last fall, I stunned the world by taking on the Halal Guy's Hell in a Bowl challenge and not coming out with an ulcer. This time, The Butchery in Newport Coast invited me to try and take down their 3.5-pound tomahawk steak that, when cut of its bone and trimmings, amounted to 2.8 pounds of gorgeous American beef. Roll the tape!

The Butchery gave me no time limit, so I could've technically eaten it in a day and declare myself a winner—but we don't roll like that. I gave myself half an hour, and finished in 29 minutes. This video is only two minutes, so let me point out that I ate three-quarters of the steak like nothing in about 10 minutes. Then the tomahawk's nearly impossible marbling did me in—I'm Mexican, so I'm used to beef burnt of its fat, not a medium-well masterpiece. But, given the previous failures of Taylor trying to slurp down oysters at Ways and Means and Nate not being able to finish the SmoKing Ribs' crazy challenge, I needed to bring honor back to House Weekling.

And yes: Camus can do, even if Jimmy Carter is smarter.

Does anyone have a five-pound burrito for me to eat? BRING IT...


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