Video Shows Mouse Frolicking in a Bag of Big Mac Buns. Restaurant Allegedly Serves It Anyway.

A Fox affiliate in Philly has a story that has rippled through the blog-o-sphere: A video taken by ex-McDonald's employee allegedly shows a mouse burrowing through a bag of Big Mac buns at a McDonald's in Philadelphia.

Video Shows Mouse In Bag Of Big Mac Rolls:

"I was working there from October of 2010 to January of this year. There hasn't been a time when we couldn't go in the back and see mouse droppings on the bread," the employee told Fox 29 News.

He also alleges that his former boss ordered workers to brush off the mouse droppings and serve the bread anyway.

The manager has denied the accusation, according to Fox 29.

The owner of the franchise released the following statement: "After viewing the video, we are going to continue to investigate this claim to make certain we have all the facts. I want my customers to know that I am taking this matter seriously and will immediately address any issues that may exist. Therefore, if necessary, we will work with the appropriate authorities to get the facts."

Ah, Remy. We thought you'd have better taste than McDonald's.

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