[UPDATED] XA Sweet & Savory Cafe Opens in Orange
Edwin Goei

[UPDATED] XA Sweet & Savory Cafe Opens in Orange

Update 1/12/2013:

Ask and ye shall receive. Upon reading my plea for a legible menu, reader Dave W. sent me an e-mail with a clear scan of XA's menu.

I was driving by XA this morning and stopped in. I had already had breakfast, otherwise I would have tried more than just a (pretty good) fig scone.

I grabbed a menu for you to decipher. Looks interesting.

The gal said they will have a seasonal menu, and will likely change this one at the end of Feb. She offered samples of the breakfast goodies, and if you buy a lunch, they include a free cookie!

Thanks, Dave! To see the readable menu Dave sent us, see the next page.

Original post:

I don't yet know much about XA Sweet & Savory Cafe (it opened about a week ago in Orange), but I saw it when I was in the area. It was closed at the time, so I went back home and looked them up on Facebook. They had a page, of course, but still, their menu is a mystery. 

There's a lovely picture of a dish that is described to be "California Citrus Fig Honey Dijon Chicken with Sautéed Green Beans and Brown Rice", and it does look good, but what kind of restaurant are they? What other things do they serve? I don't know.

A few Yelpers took pictures of their food, as Yelpers tend to do best, and I saw one dish that was captioned "Mexican Adobo with Apple Vinaigrette, Chicken Noodle Soup and Grilled Vegetable Sides", which made me more curious and also confused.

Someone even managed to take a picture of a blackboard menu, but it was so hard to read since it was written in teenage-girl-scrawl, I gave up and started writing this post. So I implore XA to put a legible copy of it somewhere...like say, their website or just type it up on a Facebook status update maybe?

424 S Main Street Suite C
Orange, California 92868

UPDATED with the menu:

XA_menu by

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