[UPDATED] DG Burger at Charlie Palmer: Is Anyone Listening?

[UPDATED] DG Burger at Charlie Palmer: Is Anyone Listening?

UPDATE, 8:45 A.M., FEB. 1:  We've received a response from the Charlie Palmer Group--see bottom of post for details.

ORIGINAL POST, 10:30 A.M., JAN. 31: Well, it's evident the management at Charlie Palmer in South Coast Plaza aren't paying attention to what's being written about the DG Burger concept. Edwin slammed them a couple of weeks ago for having a testy hostess at the front (the idea being that you place your order, and then take a table). Yelp--which has accorded them three and a half stars, the same rating as the Carl's Jr. on La Palma and Kraemer in Anaheim--is full of mentions of the snippy service.

Today, as we were eating there, we got the eyerolls and not-quite-held-back sighs of frustration as we picked what we wanted to eat.
 As we sat and ate, the hostess headed back to chat with someone she knew (we assume, since the guest got a second helping of fries on the house). Unfortunately, three parties approached the counter and, seeing no one available, turned around and left.

[UPDATED] DG Burger at Charlie Palmer: Is Anyone Listening?
Dave Lieberman

Guys, listen: Amar Santana's food deserves better than this jaded Gorgon you've got up front. Either send her to a customer-service seminar, or send her to work someplace where dealing with customers isn't part of her daily duties.

The burger is worth the cost. (The fries aren't, though--mushy!) The service is going to turn people off, and bad word-of-mouth about the service will travel faster than good word-of-mouth about the burger.

UPDATE: Erin Jevis, the Director of PR and Marketing at Charlie Palmer Group, responded via e-mail to the post:

"As difficult as it was to see your piece on DG Burger yesterday, we appreciated your comments. We are all now aware of this situation and it is being addressed. Great food and the best possible guest experience are always our top priorities. We will do what is needed to make sure that DG Burger reflects that."

We look forward to seeing the improvements.


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