Update: Peruvian Kitchen in Irvine Closed?

Update: Peruvian Kitchen in Irvine Closed?

For as long as I can remember, there has always been a Peruvian food stall at the Main Street Food Court in Irvine. It was called Lima City for years, though it changed hands at least twice during its tenure.

Then Peruvian Kitchen took it over sometime this past summer, moving out of its spacious Fountain Valley digs to Lima City's cramped quarters. In the meantime, the old space it vacated became Casa Inka, which I reviewed.

Now it appears that Peruvian Kitchen has folded. Our intrepid friend, Wonginator, reports:

Just an update that when I dropped by the food court today (Nov. 12, 2008), Peruvian Kitchen was closed during the lunch period. I think they might be shut down for good because they had been open for lunch time during previous visits.

There rarely was ever a line when I visited this food court location, and I think their higher prices scared away the regular food court visitors.

UPDATE:  Wonginator has reported that Peruvian Kitchen is still OPEN and STILL NEEDS YOUR BUSINESS!!


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