UK Student Finds "Brain" in His KFC Chicken

UK Student Finds "Brain" in His KFC Chicken

You may want to refrain from reading this if you're eating, but especially if you've just picked up an Extra Tasty Crispy Bucket from The Colonel.

19-year-old student, Ibrahim Langoo, found what he described as a "wrinkled brain" tucked inside a piece of chicken he was in the process of eating at a KFC restaurant in Colchester, Essex.

He left the store disgusted and traumatized but not before taking a picture and posting it on Facebook. KFC apologized and said that while "unsightly" it was a kidney, not a brain. The company offered Langoo vouchers for free meals, but he isn't biting.

"I never want to eat KFC again - in Colchester or anywhere else. I'll eat chicken at home, where I can see how it's been prepared," he said.

Click below to see the picture.

UK Student Finds "Brain" in His KFC Chicken

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