UC Irvine Student Invents New Baskin-Robbins Flavor

UC Irvine Student Invents New Baskin-Robbins Flavor

She's the envy of college students everywhere. UCI junior Kelsey Lien has won a national Baskin-Robbins contest with her invention of a new flavor called Nutty Cream Cheese Brownie. Her prize: a year's supply of free ice cream. 
The annual competition invited wannabe ice cream architects to pick a base flavor, then add "ribbons" such as fudge or caramel and mix-ins such as pie crust pieces, M&Ms and marshmallows. 

Lien, who is a economics and public health major (the irony!), beat out a reported 40,000 applicants with her concoction, which will be the Flavor of the Month for November 2012. 

Along with the free ice cream, she got a trip to Baskin-Robbins' Massachusetts headquarters to help create the very first batch, along with $1,000 cash.   

To make your own ice cream flavor, just for fun, go here.  

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