Tweets From The Extreme Couponing Premiere!

Tweets From The Extreme Couponing Premiere!

Extreme Couponing, TLC's new show on those manically obsessed with--you guessed it--coupons, premiered last night to so much buzz, it was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, with viewers calling the "couponers" either inspiring or insane. (One woman's near-$2,000 grocery bill was reduced to $103.72 after coupons. Now that's insane.)  

Here are some reactions to the show via Twitter:

LooksLikeCrazie: I shouldn't be this excited watching a strange unattractive white man buy hand soap for .30. Germaphobe & product junkie. #extremecouponing

Alinotalli: #ExtremeCouponing is like Hoarders for Jews. #TrustMeIdKnow

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MJIJ_Official: If you need 35 bottles of Maalox, you have bigger problems than #extremecouponing

LindaAhn: asians = #extremecouponing

NotChrisRock: LeBron looks like he went #ExtremeCouponing and got 50% off his hairline.

crazyfasteddy: Just when I thought I was kicking ass getting free membership at Costco with the Exec Membership points ... they come out w/ #extremecouponing

kimberlyybarra: #extremecouponing could never happen in NYC, not enough room to store my shoes, let alone 200 deodorants.

JohnLPitts: Obama ought to hire some of those folks to tackle the deficit. #extremecouponing

BrOgasawara: My faith in humanity is now forever 50% off. #extremecouponing

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