Tom Haverfoods Will Make You LOL

Tom Haverfoods Will Make You LOL

Last week while we were eating lunch, a six-year-old told me "Mustard is the opposite of ketchup". After I laughed and laughed, I realized how cogent a statement it really was. This kid should have a Twitter feed, I thought.

It seems it's an idea that some fans of Parks and Recreation took and ran with, though not with a six-year-old, but Tom Haverford, a character on the series played by Aziz Ansari. And refreshingly, it's not a Twitter site, but just a refreshable webpage that has nuggets of whacked out wisdom as it relates to food. Some choice ones:

Guacamole is...Mexican Mashed Potatoes, Gucci Mane, Or Guaca Guaca Flame

English Muffins are...Brit Bagels

Pork Chops are...Oink Steaks

The NBC show is one that I admit I've never watched. Apparently there is a context to the Haverisms on comestibles. Whatever it is, the site is poised to go viral. Like most people who've just discovered it, I spent twenty solid minutes repeatedly refreshing it to see what he's going to say next. Will it be as big as that Chuck Norris thing a few years back? Maybe.

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*Thanks to Niyaz Pirani of Fat Dude On A Diet for sharing the link.


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