Tom Colicchio Debuts YouTube Fishing Talk Show

Tom Colicchio Debuts YouTube Fishing Talk Show

Have you heard of the Reserve Channel? It's a YouTube-only network that features full-length shows by respected people who usually appear on regular TV shows but aren't exactly the Anthony Bourdains or The Oprahs of the world. Eric Ripert has a show on there called On The Table. Now Tom Colicchio does, too, with a show called Hooked Up.  

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Hooked Up doesn't so much have to do with food as it does fishing, which, according to Colicchio, is his true passion. On the premiere episode uploaded a few days ago, Colicchio takes restaurateur/comedian Eddie Huang out on a boat and since fishing makes boring television, they talk about everything from Huang's issues with Marcus Samuelsson, people who think David Chang's pork belly buns are the greatest invention ever, and that Gangnam Style thing. 

What you've got here is essentially a talk show with Colicchio taking food-industry people in a boat the same way that the little seen Jerry Seinfeld web-only show called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee takes comedians out in a car. In both series, the boat and the car are surrogates for the traditional talk show couch.

Colicchio is obviously more laid back here than on Top Chef, but I don't know. As much as I like the guy and food topics, I find Seinfeld's show and his guests a bit more entertaining. Hmm, is it maybe because Colicchio and his peers are chefs and Seinfeld and his peers are entertainers?

Watch the show below.

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