Get one now, or wait until next year.
Get one now, or wait until next year.

Today's Your Last Chance To Get A New England Lobster Bruxie (Basically, Stop Reading This And Go Now)

If you missed Bruxie's 4th of July special, the famed New England Lobster Bruxie, or if you're simply greedy and want another one (and who blames ya?), here's your final chance. The Orange location will be serving a limited number of the lobster waffle sandwiches when they open today at 11. Go now.

Last year, Niyaz described the allure of this special item that only comes once a year:

"Part of ordering is the show, since they cook the lobsters out front. The bubbling cauldron is packed with lobster, all roiling in spices, vegetables and bay leaf until they achieve a soft, white flesh and fire-truck red exterior. The portion is worthy of the price tag, with each waffle cradling about a pound of meat. It's dressed simply, with mayo, chive and pepper, to enhance the sapor of the seafood. The waffle, which has a simplistic perfection all its own, adds a buttery richness and contrasting crunch to each bite."

Throughout the weekend, all Bruxie locations will be offering three other specials: the Vermont Apple Pie Bruxie (warm brown sugar spiced Granny Smith apples, extra sharp Vermont cheddar cheese and housemade crumble served with Bruxie's Wisconsin Frozen Custard), a Red, White & Blue Shake and black cherry cane sugar soda. Let the holiday continue!

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