Tia Mowry is Cooking on so Many Levels
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Tia Mowry is Cooking on so Many Levels

When it comes to one of our favorite twins Tia Mowry, some of us have watched her grow up on Sister, Sister, laughed and cried with her on BET’s The Game, and may have even sang along with her during a cheestastic made-for-TV Christmas movie. OK, enough about us. Tia is holding it down on her Cooking Channel show Tia Mowry at Home and is making being an actor, mom, wife, and chef extraordinaire look like a total breeze. But since we know that sometimes things aren’t always as they appear, we talked to Tia toget a glimpse into the behind the scenes of her life and show. As it would turn out, sometimes, things are just as great as they appear.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): I have to apologize first off for asking for an autograph in a bathroom 15 years ago. I’m still ashamed.

Tia Mowry: [Laughs.] Oh my gosh that’s awesome! Ha! That’s hilarious.

So embarrassing looking back. Any who, longtime fan! You’re quite the Chef Boyar-Tia now but were you always so into cooking?

It’s something that I’ve always done. Even when I was a little kid I remember being in the kitchen with my mom. I was like a sous chef. My family cooked a lot. My mom and my dad believed, and this is something that I’ve carried on as a tradition, cooking is a way to get everybody at the dinner table and basically talk about their day. To bond and interact with each other as a family, that was really important to my mom. So for me to carry on that tradition means a lot to me. So yeah, I was always in the kitchen.

It’s so weird because growing up we had a standard dinner time. These days, I don’t know anyone who does that.

Yeah! It’s like everyone is going in their own direction but I remember eating together and bonding.

You’re bringing it back! I like it. I also like that your hubs Cory is involved. You guys laugh a lot which is fun to watch. Did he get his kitchen skills from you?

No! Cory is just this dude that is very comfortable in the kitchen, which you can tell. He learned himself and it’s something that he likes to do but I usually do the cooking because it’s just something that I really, really love. For Thanksgiving he was like, you should let people do some of the stuff and I was like, no! This is what relaxes me. It’s kind of like my way of taking a nap.

I totally understand because cutting produce is very therapeutic to me. When I feel awful, I’ll make something that involves a lot of cutting. Hmmm…that sounds kind of bad.

No! That’s totally me too! [Laughs.] When people ask me what my favorite tool in the kitchen is I always say a knife. [Laughs.] Maybe it’s the repetition that calms me. It’s a good way to get rid of your frustrations. That’s what it is!

Yeah, I’m big into chopping. OK, give me a go-to recipe that you go to in a pinch.

Quinoa is always great to make and it only takes about twenty minutes to make it. I’ll grill some skirt steak and wrap it around some asparagus, which doesn’t take a long time to cook. Then there you have your meat, your vegetables, and your starchy a little bit with the quinoa. That’s a very quick meal to put together. I also really like a quinoa stir-fry. You can eat it cold too for breakfast kind of like a quinoa oatmeal. Quinoa is so versatile.

Sounds like I need to get down with quinoa. It’s got to be cool that people make your food and send you pictures of it on social media. It’s a whole different kind of love.

It makes me so happy to see people being so proactive and getting in the kitchen! That’s my overall goal for the show. Getting people back in the kitchen and seeing what’s in their food and what they can make. To see them excited about what they made, it makes me happy!

I love the success you had and continue to have. I also respect that a crop of new young girls are looking to you now also. It’s really great in this chaotic world.

Aww thanks! I don’t necessarily feel like I have it all but the message I want to get across is, you can do anything you put your mind you. You can. As long as you put your best foot forward, you never give up, and you have great work ethic, you can really do whatever you want to do. I truly believe that life is too be lived and in the grand scheme of things life is really short so, why not go after it? You only really have one shot to live life. Now I know there are people out there who believe in reincarnation but we only have one shot in this one body. The only person that can tell you no is you.

Be sure to catch “Tia Mowry at Home” on Cooking Channel. For more info on the show, go to www.CookingChannel.com. For all things Tia, become a fan on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @TiaMowry, check out her awesome pics on Instagram, and get some fresh ideas on her Pintrest.

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