Pub food, Viet-style
Pub food, Viet-style
Eleonor Segura

This Week in Food: Tamale Guide, Food Trend Chopping Block, and a Cali Boy with NY Pizza

Greetings ladies and germs! Here's this week's dining digest. Let's take a look at what happened...

Edwin went to Oc & Lau Restaurant in Little Saigon, and enjoyed, specifically, their "fantastic" escargot. Mmm? Then he told us about the rumor going around that DivBar in Newport Beach is officially closed down, and he announced the debut of the Sriracha movie. Sriracha movie? I must not be that obsessed.

Gustavo visited Sawali Grill in Anaheim for his Hole in the Wall review. He gave us a list of 15 signs that you grew up eating SoCal Mexican Food, and also laid out all the spots to buy tamales for Christmas. Last, he dropped the news that yet another restaurant is opening in Downtown SanTana, except this one just happens to be the child of Danny Godinez, the owner of Anepalco's Cafe.

Charles told us about a cafe in France that has higher coffee prices if you're an asshole to the people taking your order. And then he shared a trailer for the new Muppets movie where the Swedish Chef beats Gordon Ramsay in a cooking competition.

Dave drooled over the shrimp and sweet potato fritters at Vien Dong. Anne Marie interviewed Chari Recess of the Ensaymada Project for her On the Line column. Sarah took us to Natraj Cuisine of India for her Long Beach Lunch. Bill shared a relaxing fishing village to visit in Baja. Dave Mau gave us a California boy's tour of New York pizza. And new freelancer, Kristine Hoang, looked at the food trends we love and hate - and then decided which ones she would marry, bed, or kill. You remember playing that in grade school. Ah, the good ol' days.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It.

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