Gimme the meat, and nobody gets hurt
Gimme the meat, and nobody gets hurt

This Week In Food: Racist Whole Foods, the Best Carne Asada, and Semen the Superfood

This week was the release of our Summer Guide to Orange County, and we decided to tell all of our favorite summertime stories in comics form. Let's take a look at the culinary comics and the rest of our blogs this week...

We learned that Edwin, along with being our super-secret food critic - is an artist! He gave us a charming illustration of what a week in the life of a critic looks like. Then he shared Bruxie's new location in Irvine, and previewed KCRW's DineLA Dinner Date that will be held at Memphis at the Santora.

Gustavo took over the food review this week and shared where to go to get the best carne asada in OC and LA. He named the Fernet Vallet, which can be purchased at Hi-Times in Costa Mesa, as the Drink of the Week. And last, he explained Whole Foods' new and disturbing policy that will suspend employees for speaking spanish on the clock.

Michelle had some, um, unappetizing news this week. First she told us that Columbia Health is purporting that semen, yep that semen, is the new superfood. There's a cookbook and everything...uh yeah. Then she shared a type of vegan lollipop that is meant to imitate the taste of breast milk. Moving back to things we'd actually want to eat, she wrapped up with a look at Slater's 50/50 new, Fire Burger.

Dave wrote about wonderful mieles y aceities in Baja for Tijuana Si! Then he told us to try the Yeolmu Boribap at Wang Chok Park, and he brought back Tortilla Tuesdays by reviewing Mi Familia Flour Tortillas.

Anne Marie announced Slapfish's "Summer of Sustainability," where they'll be offering different responsible dishes every week. And she also interviewed David Coleman from Michael's on Naples for her On The Line column. Aimee, our clubs editor, collaborated on a comic about her love affair with In-N-Out, and last but not least, Sarah took us to Grounds Bakery & Cafe for her Long Beach Lunch.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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