This Week In Food: Pothead Fantasies, Jerk-Ass Burger Hostesses and Wacky Cranberries!

Just like the headline says--and more!--after the jump!
Dave reported on the box marriage between DiGiornio Pizza and Tollhouse cookies, which should satiate potheads FOREVER. He also gave us some commandments on what makes a great bánh mì and wrote about the bad hostess experience he had at DG Burgers, an experience that the restaurant's management told us they will rectify. Who says food critics can't make a difference?

Anne Marie wrote about clothing that has caffeine capsules that's supposed to help you lose weight, started her Food Profiling series by highlighting Noah's Honey, and gave us five great times to do things by relying on food cycles.

Michelle turned us on to a Panda Express coupon, food companies with legacies of homo-hating, and found out Walgreen's is now selling its own beer. As if they didn't need another enticement for weirdos . . .

Edwin tried the Tustin outpost of an Anaheim Korean fave, got Rustica's chef on the line, and gave us the restaurant roll call for January.

Shuji found a wacky video involving cranberries, nailed a chile con queso recipe in honor of this Sunday's Super Bowl in Dallas, and found a funny comic about wanting to cook more.

Finally--and definitely least--I announced our coming event with Good Food With Evan Kleiman, pitted two beloved Costa Mesa chicken restaurants against each other, and found Taco Asylum tasty, but lacking.

Happy eating!


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