Hi, pretty
Hi, pretty
Eleonor Segura

This Week In Food: Marky Marky Wahlburgers, Customer Effect, and the Ol' Marijuana-in-Tortillas Trick

Hey...hey guys! It's Friday. That means another dining digest. Let's take a look at what happened this week in food...

Edwin went to Ways & Means Oyster House in Orange for his print review. He told us that Marky Marky will be flipping burgers for an A&E reality show about his brother's new restaurant called...Wahlburgers. D'oh! Then he announced that the Tea Room in Newport Beach has closed after less than six months in business. :( Sorry guys!

Gustavo went to a nostalgia-inducing spot in Buena Parque called Golden Bowl. He happily shared the decline of American beer companies trying to produce their version of michelada, and he called out a smuggler for trying to get marijuana across the border under tortillas.

Charles told us that Bruxie in RSM is closing due to a landlord dispute. He showed us a company that's selling sriracha candy canes for the holidays (hmmm), and he gave us a list of his five most overrated foods which may or may not make you hate him.

Anne Marie reviewed Teemu Selänne's new steakhouse. She spoke with Johnny Younesi of Johnny's Real New York Pizza for her On The Line column, and she told us that Pizzeria Ortica will be teaming up with Cismontane Brewery for an evening of pairings.

Dave told us to eat the bibimbap at Morangak in Garden Grove and to drink the Fire! Fire! Old Fashioned at Harlow's Cuisine and Cocktails. Sarah went to the new Rick and Brian's Cafe for her Long Beach Lunch. Bill experienced Chef Jair Téllez's second wind in Tijuana Sí! Ryan Cady, our new food writer, explained what he's deemed as "The Customer Effect." The Poorman told us where to get fast-food breakfast for under $3. And good ol' Dave Mau offered a review of his favorite worst-kept secret in Vegas.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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