Hi, can I eat you?
Hi, can I eat you?
Dustin Ames

This Week In Food: Lead Hot Sauces, Russian Vodka Boycott, and We Win a Blue Ribbon!

Holy hell! July is almost over, but we've got an abundance of summery food news for you...

First, Edwin visited Tavern on the Coast in Dana Point for his weekly review. Then he told us that the Food Network will be doing a taping at Fashion Island next week, and last he showed us how to replicate Cream Pan's strawberry croissants with Costco ingredients.

Gustavo went to Donde Adela in Orange for his Hole in the Wall article. He named Sammy's Squeeze from the Diamond Club at Angels' Stadium the Drink of the Week, and then he wrote an article that seriously broke some hearts. Turns out some of our favorite imported hot sauces contain lead :(

Michelle told us that Bruxie will finally be opening in Irvine. Then she shared two nummy summer snacks: the Cali Picnic Dog from Early Bird Cafe and the Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich from Carl's Jr.

Anne Marie interviewed Tom Hope from The Catch for her On The Line article and then told us that Sidecar Donuts will now start offering sundaes. Dave explained the Russian Vodka boycott, and which brands you can buy now. Sarah visited the Royal Cup Cafe for her Long Beach Lunch and then she gave us five reasons to go craft beer tasting in Baja.

We were also joined by some special characters this week. Shuji named some of his favorite dishes in Orange County: lime curd at Playground, anything from Mochi Cream, and most things from Devilicious Donuts. Saba, our intern, told us about the culinary misconceptions of Ramadan. Dave Mau told us about the wonderful Old Potrero Rye, and Niyaz Pirani announced that our blog won a blue ribbon at the OC Fair! Yay!

Until next week, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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