This Week In Food: Horchata Beer, Mmmhops, and the Banana Stand is Coming!
Edwin Goei

This Week In Food: Horchata Beer, Mmmhops, and the Banana Stand is Coming!

Hi, we hope your week was swell. And we want to make your weekend even better by showing you some awesome things. Sure, this is really just a recap of awesome things, but we need page views and you need condensed information so you can get to partying even sooner. Here we go...

This week, Edwin went to the vibrant Peking Dragon in Dana Point for his food review. He then continued to dominate the print section by naming the screwdriver at Fish Camp the Drink of the Week and telling us to eat the Veggie Plate at Pita Grill, right meow! Last, he gave us a list of the 10 best salads in Orange County.

Gustavo went to Papa's Fish and Soul Food in Anaheim for his Hole in the Wall review, and as you might surmise from the name, it was full of spicy and cornmeal-fried goodness. Then he gave us an interview from Chef Geeta Bansal wherein she spoke to Chef Philippe Labbe, a cooking superstar on the rise from France. Last, he told us that against all odds, which shouldn't have been odds at all, the Arrested Development Banana Stand is coming to Balboa this Sunday!

Michelle covered a nice handful of craft beer stories this week. First, she announced that a new brewery called Bottle Logic will be coming to Anaheim. Hooray beer! Then she shared that The Bruery will be releasing a horchata beer this fall. Good God, yes! And last she told us the Hanson, as in the 90s boy band, is creating their very own craft beer. Mmmhops! Shooby da da do, mmmhops! Yeah, yeah!

Getting back on track, Anne Marie interviewed James Nunn from Jimmy's Famous American Tavern for her On The Line column. Then she told us about a Papa John's delivery driver inadvertently leaving a customer a racist voicemail, and last she wondered about the mysterious Teri-Rocki-Road food bus that's moving about the county.

Bill wrote about the First Annual World Street Food Congress for Tijuana Sí! Sarah went to Mosher's Gourmet for her Long Beach Lunch, and the king of awesome sauce, Dave Mau told us about the ghost of Sid's Steakhouse in Old Newport.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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