This Week in Food: Food-Vagina Double Entendres, Local Chorizo, and Naked Chefs!

This being Valentine's Day week and all, it was only inevitable that many of our stories would fall on the--how do you say it?--steamy side. But there was more to the world of food, of course--highlights after the jump!

Dave obsessed over green garlic, found Dogzilla okay (much to the outrage of its seals--ARF! ARF!--and gave us a recipe for a proper Mexican paloma, that beautiful drink of tequila and grapefruit soda.

Edwin put two Korean fried chicken joints against each other, took us On the Line with the chef of True Food Kitchen, and alerted us to the re-opening of the Captain's Table Lunch Lab at Orange Coast College--as an alum of the place, I can tell you they make great, cheap meals.

I played the Latino double entendre game with food and a woman's private parts, broke the story on the dingbat Dervaes family (trying to trademark the terms "homestead" and "homesteading"), and realized we're one of the capitals of Bolivian cuisine in the United States.

Anne Marie profiled the yummy chorizo at Ochoa's Chorizo, got drunk after work at the House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer, and found Mozambique is using Bentleys to drive people back to their hotels. Classy!

Finally, Shuji reported on some cool beer being stocked at Taco Asylum, while Michelle discovered a nude-chef show.

Happy eating!


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