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Hue Oi
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This Week In Food: Black Sleep of Khali Ma, Playground's Cocktails, and Boozy Dippin' Dots

We've had some colorful stories these past couple of weeks because of Michelle's return. Who knew a new baby mama was so good at writing about food!? Let's take a quick look at what else happened this week...

Edwin reviewed Hue Oi in Fountain Valley for his weekly story. They he announced the opening of a new restaurant in Dana Point called Tavern on the Coast. He also shared a silly food video in which a man cuts up an entire watermelon in 21 seconds. Oh, the things people do with their free time.

Gustavo went to La Rocco's in San Clemente for his Hole in the Wall column. Then he took over for Anne Marie and talked to Chuy Vidales from Avocado Cafe for On the Line. He named the mysterious Black Sleep of Khali Ma at Alex's Bar as the Drink of the Week. And last, he sadly announced the passing of an Orange County Mexican food legend, Ramon Sanchez.

Michelle showed us the greatest invention for summer: Dippin' Dots with booze! But she also followed this with the final decision that California bars will not change their last call time to 4 a.m. This is probably a very, very good thing though. Then she showed us a new snack from Carl's Jr - the Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich. My teeth hurt just thinking about it.

Dave told us that Playground is finally announcing a cocktail menu, and we can probably bet that they'll be fantastic. He also shared Cismontane Brewery's three year anniversary. Sarah went to Coco Reno's for her Long Beach Lunch. And very last, but never least, we were joined by Dave Mau who gave us a list of eight restaurant courtesies that few people know about.

Until next week, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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