This Week in Food: Belgian-Waffle Sandwiches, Bad Bánh Mìs, and Gobble Gobble Hey!

Given Thanksgiving is next week, it's natural that most of us spent this week giving ustedes tips on how to celebrate a better Thanksgiving. But we did more--highlights after the jump!


did a roundup of Thanksgiving specials

in local restaurants,

put funnel cakes

to our dueling-dishes ring, and

reported on a bakery selling

Cream Pan's cream pan.

Dave scored a recipe for turkey pho from Dee Nguyen of Break of Dawn, went Mexi on alternate ways to prepare leftover turkey, and railed against Whole Food's ridiculously priced, stupidly stuffed bánh mì.

I spilled the dirty secrets on a regular Mexican Thanksgiving, re-reviewed the magnificent Olive Tree, and reported on the unfortunate closing of Black Sheep Bistro in Tustin.

Shuji gave us a great cranberry sauce recipe, told us where to sharpen our knives for next Thursday, and sung the praises of OC's latest hot spot, Bruxie.

Happy eating!


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