This Week In Food: American Culinary Pride

This Week In Food: American Culinary Pride

Ah, America. Much of the world may see us as a country all about burgers, beer, pizza and
fast food chains. And you know what? To a certain extent we are. This is illustrated well in this week's recap of all the food news fit to print. We have classy burgers (read: overpriced), pizza autentico, beer flavored ice cream and good ol' corn whiskey. Of course, we threw in a little French news for good measure.

Read our stories demonstrating our national culinary offerings, and faux pas, as pointed out by Gustavo, after the jump!

Artificially caffeinated beers such as Four Loko will be off the shelves come Jan 1. So Anne Marie showed us a more classy way to

get your double buzz on

with the help of locals Portola Coffee Lab and TAPS brewery. She also went On The Line with chef Jon Blackford of

A Restaurant

Michelle brought sweet joy this week including news of beer flavored ice cream and the Triple Double Oreo and the food truck lineup of OC Foodie Fest 2011.

Dave offered sage advice to those hopping on the gourmet burger bandwagon, and those looking for authentic New York pizza

Edwin spoke to Daniel Shemtob of the Lime Truck about their new semi-permanent home in Costa Mesa (and the Great Food Truck Race). Anthony Bourdain, announced a new show, The Layover, set to be more fast-paced and accessible than No Reservations. Edwin also reported another story with those wacky French. They've created 24 hour baguette vending machines for those times when a Frenchman gets the midnight munchies.
    For this week in food science: a recent study shows that eating spicy food may increase metabolism and a natural preservative found in humans' stomach may give food a shelf-life upwards of three years. Thank you, science!

Gustavo, fresh back from bourbon country, gave Platte Valley Corn Whiskey the honor of Drink of the Week and suggests that Americans may have been drinking tequila backwards all these years. And of course Taco Bell can't go one week without being the venue of something shady, freaky, creepy or any combination thereof. This week's crime involves unrequited love, a creeper and handcuffing


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