YUM at Scraps
YUM at Scraps
Laila Derakhshanian

This Week In Food: A Restraining Order, Bitten Off Thumbs, and Haven Taking over Bruery Provisions

Well, we're wrapping up the last weekend of January - damn! Let's see what this week in food brought us before everything becomes about sweets and overcrowded restaurants.

Edwin reviewed the new Scraps restaurant in Huntington Beach that serves asian-fusion tapas. Then he listed the 10 treats that everyone should try in little Saigon. He showed us a reeeally tasty looking salad to try at the Guppy House in Anaheim Hills, although there may be more fried chicken in it than salad at this point. Last, he introduced the spreading news story about the fake ingredients found in popular foods - but maybe you'll decide ignorance is bliss on that one.

Gustavo went to Pho Song Hai in Westminster for Hole in the Wall - the current pho hot spot. He named the Restraining Order at the Golden Truffle the Drink of the Week. Then he introduced a new series where Chef Geeta Bansal of the Clay Oven in Irvine will interview several famous European chefs. And last, but not least, in the Taco Bell Crime of the Week, a man bites off his girlfriend's thumb! Hey, cheap date!

Anne Marie shared the interesting and enticing news that the people who brought us Haven will be taking over the Bruery Provisions in Orange. They haven't revealed much yet, but plan to keep the place as a beer tasting and specialty food shop. Then she interviewed Emily Corliss of Pizzeria Mozza in Newport Beach for her On The Line column. Last, she shared the total concept makeover of Red Robin restaurants.

Dave showed us inside-out cheeseburgers and reported on tasty seafood from his trip to Baja California for our Tijuana Sí! column. Sarah went to Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery for her Long Beach Lunch. Ali interviewed the sexy couple who host Extra Virgin on The Cooking Channel. Taylor Hamby, our Web Editor, wrote about the little union that the Weekly and Foursquare have entered into. Then it all ended nicely with a story from Dave Mau about how to make the best old fashioned, just like his Grandma Lola did.

See you next week at Stick a Fork In It!

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